Patrick j

Patrick, (Pat) is a Project Manager for Capital Partners Group National Division.


Possessing more than 25 years of industry experience, Pat’s exposure includes, but is not limited to: Project Management, Lending/ Loan review, both international and domestic.


Pat is a certified graduate of the Chase Training Program.


Prior to assuming his most recent role with Capital Partners Group , Pat was an Independent Loan Review Consultant CEIS.


A Lending Officer with major Money Center Banks, Pat worked with clients that include: chase, NatWest and Barclay’s.



Consulting Experience includes:
  • Due Diligence, Operations, Credit, Compliance and Financial Reviews



Team and Leadership Facilitation Experience include:
  • Led international teams in Hong Kong/London in every aspect of Commercial Lending.



Industry Correlations:
  • Independent Consultant
  • First Fidelity, Newark, New Jersey, (12 years)





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